About Me – Bringing Wit and Humor to the Spiritual Community



unnamedOnce I was a victim but now I’m a co-creator of my own reality.

Hi, I’m Dana and I’m so happy to meet you!

I’m a spiritualist. I’m a healer of hearts and souls. I heal with Reiki and with crystals but mostly I heal with love and kindness. I’m a listener and a lover. I’m a mother and a friend. I’m a poet and a writer. I’m a grandmother and a dog mom and a wife. I read people. I’m intuitive. I read tarot. I’m a medium. I speak with angels.

I hug trees and dance with fairies under the full moon. I love to burn incense and meditate. I can be snide and sarcastic and really quirky.  I make mistakes – lots of them.  I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

I attract people and situations to my life where I’m needed to help. This is my soul purpose and this blog is about my journey.

Come with me.

My writing is usually funny. Humor keeps me from throwing myself in front of cars and trains.

Sometimes my posts will be ordinary.

Sometimes they will be extraordinary.

But, I promise you, they will always be real.